Carry on Toxicity study for 10 products

Dear Members ,

AIM is pleased to inform members that AIM has decided to carry on toxicity studies for 10 bio / herbal products from the list of 15 selected products by GC committee . The nutrient based products are not considered right now .

The ACUTE ORAL TOXICITY STUDIES ( also called as SIX PACK ) of these products will be conducted at a reputed OECD GLP Laboratory from Pune.

The Acute Oral Toxicity Studies are basic requirement of toxicity studies . Members will obtain valuable information about toxic nature of all bio- products with respect to oral , dermal , inhalation , skin irritation , eye irritation and skin sensitization .
These studies are also as per basic guidelines issued by the CIB , Faridabad required for registration of new chemical compounds in India .

AIM GC members including President Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil , Secretary Sameer Pathare and memeber Milind Barve along with Executive Santosh Dalavi had meeting with the said laboratory on 28-12-2016 .

We will update details soon when we will make final agreement with the said lab.

This is for your information .