Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association (AIM) of India, Pune is helpful for manufacturers of Plant Growth Promoters (Bio Products) / Organic Products / Herbal Product / Herbal Pesticides and Micro nutrients.

Apart from the benefits as decribed in home page under section Objectives, Following are the major benefits of Registration with AIM
1. Getting united under one banner and fight against injustice.
2. With AIM , you can get FIELD TRIAL DATA of 15 products by paying only 1 Lakh ( soon 1.5 L ) This other wise will require individually around 12-15 Lakh .
3. Self development by attending seminars organised by asso
4. Update information about key issues
5. Working in organised community
6. Knowledge of certification required like Organic / Toxicology / Various Acts / Taxation / exports etc
7. Bio Fertilizers and Bio Products Manufacturers can benefit on availing Membership of Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association Pune India.

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