Minutes of Special General Meeting held on 29th April 2017

Minutes of the special general meeting held on 29.04.2017 at Pune to discuss TOXICOLOGY STUDIES for 10 products

1. Meeting was attended by around 80 members

2. In the first session a motivational talk by Mrs. Ratnali Mundada was arranged for members. The talk was very effective and appreciated by all members .

3. In the post lunch session, AIM Secretary Mr. Sameer Pathare explained different aspects of Toxicology study in detail. The six pack analysis of 10 products was proposed in recognised GLP lab from Pune . The benefits and advantages of the study were brought to the notice of members. It was proposed to members that AIM should carry out these studies as pool data by contribution from members . It was also decided not to use the corpus fund available with association for this cause .

The total contribution required for these study for 10 product is 40,25,000/-

AIM has formulated Toxicology Study Scheme contribution for members as follows :

1. Those who have already paid for Field Trial Data - Rs 50,000/-

2. A life member not contributed in (1 ) - Rs 1 Lakh

3. A life member wishing to contribute in both schemes - Rs 1,25000/- ( Immediate payment ) + 50,000/-

4. New Member contribution for both schemes - 25,000/- ( Life Membership) + 1,25,000/- + 50,000/-

( Please note that for Field Trial Data scheme current contribution amount is 1,50,000/- )

4. Concluding speech was delivered by the President Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil during which all the members unanimously gave their consent to start toxicology studies . All members also confirm the contribution scheme .

5. It was decided to raise the contribution in the month of May 2017 in two instalments of Rs 25,000/- each on 15 th and 31 st May 2017 . It was also decided to increase the contribution amount to Rs 75000/- after 1-6-2017 .

6. Mr. Milind Barve conducted the day long meeting and Mr. S . V . Shisode gave vote of thanks.

AIM is very thankful to their members for the co-operations extended in attending this important meeting and also making it a huge success !

Thanks. Thank you for your Visit at our AIM OFFICE today and your interest in TDSF &TSSF. Your reply to join TDSF and Toxicology Study S Fund is awaited.