Meeting dated 14 Sep 2019 Regarding sale permission process

1. Further steps regarding sale permission process were discussed and AIM's PGP&P draft was discussed in detail. It will be presented to the Dept of Agriculture in next meeting.
2. It was decided to convert PGP &P draft PPT in to legal document with the help of a consultant in Pune. Comments and discussion was sought from the GC committee in a week's time.
3. It was decided to organise a two day AIM NATIONAL CONGRESS in Delhi in December, 2019. The venue will be fixed in last week of September by latest. We will decide about per person contribution after undersigned Ôs visit to Delhi and negotiations with venue selected. It was also decided to use the AIM funds for Congress in case of shortage of contribution.
The complete planning will be sent to all members soon.
4. It was decided to finalise AIM representation of Non registered products to be submitted to ICAR through Mr. Goswami and make representation soon.
5. The efficacy trials of Secondary Nutrient were discussed and the reports are expected in two weeks. It was decided to conduct trial on sugarcane too.
6. It was decided to renew the website contract with existing agency for 2019-20.
7. A detailed discussion about sale permission of non registered products was done with AIM consultant Dr. Jagtap. It was decided to prepare a list of natural mineral based raw materials with naturally occurring nutrient percentage in each such raw materials.