Sakhar sankul meeting 28.11.19

AIM is a part of STUDY GROUP formed by the Dept of Agriculture to address issues regards to manufacture and sale of non registered products.

A meeting of Study Group was called by the Dept today at Pune .AIM was represented by the President Rajkumar Dhurgude, Secretary Sameer Pathare & Committee member Rajiv Chaudhary. Following are the salient points discussed -

1. It was decided to cover PGP & P proposal in recent BIO - STIMULANT draft proposed by the Central Govt for inclusion in FCO 1985

2. The Agriculture Dept will also recommend changes in BIO- STIMULANT draft as per AIM and other association’s suggestions

3. AIM did presentation on proposed draft for notifying NUTRIENT MIXTURE & CHELATED NUTRIENTS in FCO under state subject

4. The Study Group agreed to call a State Fertilizer Committee meeting for approval of above notification in the next month

5. It was also decided to simultaneously send proposal to the Central Government for inclusion of STRAIGHT CHELATED NUTRIENTS in FCO 1985

6. AIM also proposed to give permission for secondary nutrient mixture grade 6:2:4 since AIM has taken two Efficacy Trials of this grade already

We will keep you posted for further developments.