Rubbi Review Meeting - Fertilizers was called on 17.09.2020 at the Mantralaya

Rubbi Review Meeting - Fertilizers was called on 17.09.2020 at the Mantralaya under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Maharashtra State Agriculture Minister Shri Dada Bhuse ji .

AIM was one of the invitees present physically. Other Association’s members joined the meeting through a V. C. link. Mr. Sameer Pathare, Secretary AIM attended the meeting. AIM Association made submission to the Hon’ble Minister about the recent Bio-stimulant draft received from the Central Government asking the State Government to send recommendations to modify the draft to suit the Agro MSMEs.

Following important issues were discussed-

1. More Industry representation was requested while re-constitution of the State Fertilizer Committee. The present SFC was formed in 2014.

2. Issue of non FCO chelates was discussed and sale Permission was requested on the state level after SFC recommendation till the Central Government notify them in FCO 1985

3. Recent circular dated 25.08.2020 from the State Agriculture Dept was discussed which was directed toward sampling of non registered products for adulteration of traces of Pesticides and also Fertilizers. The world “ trace “ was well contested and it was decided to frame the minimum percentage of fertilising elements ( N, P, K , Ca, Mg, S ) allowed to be present in non registered products owing to their natural constitution.

4. Issue of three member ( Agriculture officers ) committee constituted in 2019 for the inspection of units / godowns while obtaining new manufacturing / selling licence as per FCO was discussed. It was decided to continue inspection by three officers for new licences and by two officers in case of renewal of licences. The Gio tagging and cite photograph will be mandatorily to be included in the procedure.

5.It was brought in to the notice of Hon’ble Minister that still in some districts the sale of non registered products is prohibited to be sold from the agro centres. This is against the stay order of the Hon’ble High Court’s Order 11938 dated 01March 2018 against the GR –CPS 1117/16/17 A(1)dated 03 oct.2017.

6. Since the Central Government is in the process of including Bio-stimulants in FCO 1985, it was decided to take inputs from the Scientists and discuss the matter further for requirement of Sale Permission if necessary. If not, the status quo shall be maintained regards to sale of non registered products.

7. From the VC link, other Associations put forth their requests such as Notification of Secondary Nutrient Grade 6:2:4 as well as permission to manufacture more Mix Fertilizer Grades.

The meeting ended with assurance from the Hon’ble Minister to look in to the various issues raised by the different Association members.