Meeting dated on 7 Oct 2019 regarding non registered products

AIM was called for an important meeting regards to non registered products ( PGP & P ) today at Pune under the chairmanship of Hon Commissioner Mr. Suhas Diwase. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Mr. Ganesh Patil was also present for this important meeting.
State Government is introducing PGP Act in Maharashtra in next 2 -3 months . The Act and it's rules will be soon drafted with the help of AIM and other stakeholders of agro industry in Maharashtra.
Till the drafting gets ready, every manufacturer has to submit INTIMATION FORM to the central building with details of Product , Infrastructure available with statutory documents. AIM will soon update about submission as soon as the Intimation Form gets ready.
In this meeting, government officials made a presentation about previous GRs and present scenario.
AIM also presented their proposed regulatory draft of PGP & P ACT. The said draft was prepared by AIM with inputs from GC and other members with much hard work and efforts . It took nearly one and half years to complete the same . It was presented in the meeting by Secretary Sameer Pathare through a PPT which was well appreciated by all including the Hon Commissioner as well as Deputy Secretary .
This is for your information and please be ready for the new Act coming your way.