Meeting dated on 11 Feb, 2019 regarding issues faced in ONLINE LICENCE PROCESS

AIM Update :
The Hon Director of Agriculture has called AIM delegation for meeting yesterday at 12.30 pm for discussion about issues faced in ONLINE LICENCE PROCESS and also to take information about pending licenses. The meeting lasted for nearly two hours.
The department has made suitable changes in Online licence issuance and the same will be implemented soon. This new system will insure that license will be granted in 30 days from the date of final submission. The Hon Director has also ensured that all the pending licenses will be issued in next 8-10 days.
The Study Group's first meeting about Non Registered Products was also conducted in second half at 3.30 - 5.30 pm . AIM informed the meeting about efficacy and toxicity data generation. In the group discussion it was confirmed to issue provisional NOC based on infrastructure and other essential licenses at factory level. AIM also asked for 2 years time period for making efficacy data available for special products of members.
The second meeting will be conducted in next 10 days and further detailed discussion will be done about PGP NOC.
We will keep you posted for further development.