Meeting under the chairmanship of JS (INM) held on 16-04-2021

A Meeting under the chairmanship of JS (INM) was held on 16-04-2021 through Video Conference to discuss the issues related to Bio -stimulant notification made under FCO 1985. Some major associations involved in Bio-stimulant activities were invited by the INM, New Delhi for above VC.

Myself, our President and Rajiv Chuadhary attended the same on behalf of AIM.

Many points were discussed and the highlights were -
1. Two industry members will be nominated on the Technical Sub- committee of the Central Bio-stimulant Committee and 1st meeting of the CBC is expected in next 10-15 days.
2. A guideline will soon be issued to the states by the Central Government to issue Form G-2 with a copy marked to Associations.
3. The Provisional Registration will be valid till 22-02-2023

Hence, please start preparations for readying Form G-1 at your end so that once the state issues Form G-2, it can be submitted to the Controller, New Delhi. The Controller is expecting to receive Form G-1 and Form G-2 together in last week of May,2021 to issue the Provisional Registration Certificate in Form G-3.

Once we receive the guidelines from the Central Govt, we will advice the further steps in this regard.