A GC Meeting was called on 11.06.2021 at Pune

A GC Meeting was called on 11.06.2021 at Pune to discuss about the present scenario pertaining to the Bio-stimulant notification dated 21.02.2021.

Following key issues were discussed-
1. Maharashtra State Agriculture Dept is still not accepting applications to issue Form - G2 due to lack of guidelines from the Central Government to do so. This was informed to AIM by concern officer from the department. In fact neither of states in India have so far accepted such applications .
2. Since Form-G2 guidelines are not received from the state, AIM had decided to meet JS, INM and Agriculture Commisioner at New Delhi as soon as the appointment is granted.
3. AIM delegation will also request the authorities to extend the deadline to obtain Provisional Registration Certificate due to delay in submission of Form-G2 and current Covid-19 situation in the country.
4. It was decided to discuss about AIM’s POOL DATA proposal with the authorities at New Delhi meeting and making 8 Bio-stimulant products available to their members ( who have contributed in both Efficacy and Toxicity data schemes )
5. It was decided to comply for all the requirements of AIM’s 8 Bio-stimulant products as per Bio-stimulant notification so that these products can be applied under Form G for inclusion in Schedule VI.
6. AIM will decided on the further course of action and legal option if required after Delhi meeting with the authorities
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