AIM GC met Hon Commissioner and Director at Central Building on 14th July,2021

AIM Update:

AIM delegation lead by the President Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude, Secretary Mr. Sameer Pathre along with GC Committee members Mr. Shisode, Mr. Autade, Mr. Shinde and Mr. Hawal met Hon Commissioner and Director at Central Building on 14th July,2021. The meeting agenda and the outcome is as below -

1. To find out the status of issuance of guidelines for Form G2 by the state agriculture dept and to know the reasons of the delay being caused so far. It was informed by the Hon Director that they have already finalised the guidelines for Form-G2. But in recent development since the matter has gone to the Agricultural Minister, they are waiting for its clearance from the Ministry. Unless and until the clearance is obtained from the ministry, they can not issue any guidelines.

2. To discuss POOL DATA (Bio-efficacy and Toxicity) availability with AIM association and how it can be useful for AIM members for bio-stimulant registration

AIM informed both the officers about possession of the POOL DATA as well as availability of compliance of other requirements for AIM’s 8 Bio- stimulant products as per Notification. AIM requested the Hon Director to support AIM and send State Government’s recommendation to INM for acceptance of POOL DATA. Hon Director was very positive and promised to write to the INM

The Hon. Director was impressed by the work done by AIM with respect to data creation and asked AIM to also meet the Hon Secretary as soon as possible and showcase the available documents to him.

3. To find out about the status of Secondary Nutrient new grade approval from the ministry

It was informed that the new grade is already approved and the matter is sent to the Law Dept for final approval. It was also informed that the new licences can be issued after 15 days.

AIM specially thanked the Hon Director and his team for proactively providing e-passes for Agriculture related personnel which Completely eased the movement of all the company staff throughout Maharashtra in the COVID- 19 pandemic situation.