Meeting dated on 26 Sep 2019 for examining the feasibility of Home Delivery of Fertilizers

AIM was invited to participate in a meeting by the Director, Department of Fertilizers, New Delhi on 20th September,2019. The subject was
" Meeting for examining the feasibility of Home Delivery of Fertilizers"
The government is developing an Application to deliver Fertilizers , specially Urea and other chemical NPK Fertilizers to the doorsteps of the farmers. The application will be supported by Aadhar authentication and farmers will register on the app and also punch in their Fertilizers requirements.
The real time data of farmers and also their requirements will help to streamline the Fertilizers supply as per the government officers working on the application. The goods are to be supplied to the farmers by adding transportation cost. The payment will be done online by the farmers after receipt of delivery. This will also further help to stop the illegal siphoning of chemical Fertilizers for industrial usage.
The decision and time of implementation of this system is yet to be finalised and it will work as a supplementary along with existing trade practices. Issues related to transport cost, payment by credit card, retailers and dealers role and cutting off farmers visits from market were raised and discussed at length.
Dr. Kalyan Goswami, Executive Director( Govt Affairs) -AIM , attended the meeting on behalf of association.
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