meeting regards to decisions by the GC Committee held on 13.08.2018

Dear Members,
Please note the following unanimously taken important decisions by the GC Committee -
1. To urgently update the member data and confirm changes from individual member by e-mail
2. To increase life membership fees FOR NEW MEMBERSHIP to Rs- 35,000/- and Annual membership to Rs-10,000/- The entrance fee will remain Rs- 5000/- only. This change will come in effect from immediate effect. This is valid for all new memberships only.
3. New membership criteria -
a) With membership form it's mandatory to provide UDYOG AADHAR / PERMANENT SSI certificate , PAN CARD and GST registration certificate (no membership without above documents)
b) New membership will be discussed and confirmed by GC Committee
4. It was decided to monitor irrelevant AIM Whatsapp group posts from members. It was also decided to delete the phone number of such member from the group after two such incidents after warning.
5. Possibility of launching of AIM' own Laboratory for members was discussed.
6. It was decided to send hard copies of LAB INSTALLATION EQUIPMENT AND REAGENTS as well as ANALYSIS METHODS
7. It was decided to send a legal notice to the directors of Bio Care India Pvt Ltd, Nagpur owing to misconduct and misbehavior of their Manager Mr. Ajay P.Gampawar with the AIM election officer on the issue of ruling out of their election nomination form by the officer.
8.In order to expand the activities of association and to increase district wise reach and membership, following GC members were given district wise responsibilities and to make sub committee involving active members of districts -
a) Mr.Rajiv Chaudhary - Vidharbh and Jalgaon
b) Mr. Anil Haval - Kolhapur , Konkan and Satara
c) Mr. Prashant Shinde- Pune, Solapur, Satara, Ahemadnagar
d) Mr. Prakash Autade - Sangli,Usmanabad, Aurangabad and Latur
e) Mr. Pradip Kothawade and Sameer Pathare - Nashik
9. Issue of use of AIM Whatapp platform and creating similar name group by some members was discussed and it was decided to warn such members to refrain themselves from doing so. A letter will be send shortly in this regards.
10. Vice Presidents were given special role for betterment of members and expansion of association activities as follows -

a) Mr. Chandan Shah - Branding and HR
b) Mr. Ravindra Agarwal - Membership
c) Mr. Pradip Kothawade - Technical

Please note the new GC Committee for 2018-2021.
Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude- President
Mr. Chandan Shah - Vice President
Mr. Ravindra Agarwal - VP
Mr. Pradip Kothawade - VP
Mr. Sarjerao Shisode - Treasurer
Mr. Sameer Pathare - Secretary
Mr. Vaibhav Kashikar- Deputy Sec
Mr. Rajiv Chaudhary- Member
Mr. Prakash Autade - Member
Mr. Anil Haval - Member
Mr. Prashant Shinde- Member