AIM Association 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

"Dear All Members,

The 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association (AIM ) was held at Hotel Grand Sheraton, Pune on 27.08.2022. More than 150 members attended the meeting.

Please note the minutes of the meeting as under –

1) Vice President Pradeep Kothawade welcomed all the members and informed them in brief about Association’s journey so far and also explained about various activities that Association has carried out successfully till date.

2) Secretary Sameer Pathare reviewed the work done by the Association in 2021-22. He informed the house that the Association is making every possible effort to get the ‘pooled data’ approved from the Government and that the process seems to be in the last stage. He also informed that the Central Biostimulant Committee (CBC) may invite AIM for presentation in their next meeting.

He also informed that the 1st AIM Biostimulant Congress (ABC) organized by the Association was very successful and had created an impact in the Delhi Agriculture Ministry circle. It has shown the strength and unity amongst the manufacturers and successfully built the platform to interact with high ranked officials and get the doubts cleared.

The most important guidance about how to approach to prepare for the Permanent Registration ( Form G ) was given by the Secretary in his speech. He appealed to the members to first know the chemistry of the product and find out the ‘ active ingredient ‘ and analyze the same from a NABL laboratory. The second step should be to undertake ‘efficacy trials’ in three locations since it is a time bound activity. In the last stage, one can prepare toxicological data and other required data such as MRL , Heavy metals and Shelf life etc.

He informed the house that AIM has successfully completed all the data for 8 bio-stimulant products as per the notification. He further assured that the second set of such data will be undertaken by the Association for other common products once the existing pooled data gets approved.

He informed the house that the sub-committees formed by the association namely – Technical and Events & Learning Committees have been doing exceptionally good work along with the GC Committee. The members of both the committees were acknowledged and welcomed by the members in a loud cheer during the meeting.

3) The Audit report of the organization for the year 2021-22 was presented by the Treasurer Shri. Sarjerao Shisode and it was unanimously approved.

4) 'Shinde, Chavan, Gandhi Company' was unanimously appointed as AIM Association’s Chartered Accountants for the year 2022-23

5) The financial budget of the association for the year 2022-23 was presented to all the members and was approved unanimously.

6) AIM’s Whatsapp group and effective communication with respect to business aspects of the group was discussed. GC member Prakash Autade suggested forming another group for social posts and a new whatapp group AIM SOCIAL was formed. The original group was named AIM OFFICAL

7) In his Presidential speech, Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil thanked all the members for their tremendous support since the last decade and assured the members that the Association will always stand by the genuine members and will try to solve their problems. He also appealed to the members for more active support for Association’s activities such as the recently concluded ABC at Delhi. He also informed that more such activities will be organized by the Association in the near future.He also put forth some amendments in the Association’s bye laws in the view of better administration and smooth working which were unanimously approved by the house.

8) The sponsors of the 1st ABC were felicitated by presenting trophies in the AGM which were in three categories namely – Platinum, Gold & Silver.

AIM association also felicitated member Company staff who have been helping for the Association cause since 2011 for Technical support ( Mrs Kavita Patil ) , designs & advertise( Miss Rajeshri Kamble ) and administration( Mohit Chavan ) They were also presented with the token of appreciation. Association’s Legal advisor Adv Khanderao Jadhav was also felicitated in the meeting for his support.

9) In the last interactive session, AIM GC members answered the different queries posted in writing by the members. Mr. Shivshankar Andhalkar , Mr. Ravi Neglur, Mr. Vivek Vishal , Mr. Dev Shukla and Mr. Nitin Atole,Mr.Devidas Gawade,Mr.Sameer Attar expressed their views on Association’s working and suggested further for member betterment.

10) GC member Prakash Autade thanked the members for their esteemed presence and support and making the AGM successful and closing the meeting.

Thank you.
Team AIM "