A online Meeting under JS,INM on 17 Jan, 2023discuss import related issues of Bio-stimulant Raw Materials


A meeting (online ) was convened under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary (INM), Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on 17th January, 2023 to discuss import related issues of Bio-stimulant Raw Materials ( technical grade ) . INM officials and Navha Sheva Joint Commissioner of Customs Mr. RS Bhati were present . AIM Association was represented by Secretary Sameer Pathare and Events & Learning Committee member Vivek Kapadnis who is also an importer himself and is a witness to many such difficulties.

The meeting was called due to the grievance raised by AIM Association on 14 .03.2022 when members were facing issues in clearance of Biostimulant technical material (Raw Materials) through customs in the wake of Biostimulant notification 886 dated 23.02.2021 bringing Biostimulants in the purview of FCO 1985.

AIM Association brought to the notice of the officials that Biostimulant which are imported are the basic raw materials with high concentration (technical grade) and are not sold directly to the farmers. They are traded to manufacturers who formulate them to make Biostimulants as per notification norms and by obtaining required permissions. Hence registration of such goods ( Form G) is not required and the customs should not ask for such documents while clearance of goods.

INM and Customs officials agreed mutually that if INM sends a directive with list of goods to the Customs stating them as the Technical grade Biostimulants then they can be cleared without Form G . For this the importers has sign a bond and submit to the INM with the list of goods that they import and a declaration that these goods are not sold directly to the farmers.

AIM also raised the issue that Biostimulants are termed as PGRs while clearance by the Customs although they are now in the purview of the FCO 1985. Hon JS stated that this step of inclusion of Biostimulants in FCO is self explanatory and there is no further need of any clarification from the Agriculture Ministry.

We will soon share draft to be submitted to INM ( also send a supporting application ) for those members who are importing Biostimulants raw materials.

Team AIM