AIM Association was invited for 86th Annual Convention Soil Sciences -2022 of ( ISSS) at MPKV, Rahuri


AIM Association was privileged to be invited for presentation to address scientists & students on BIOSTIMULANTS - A way forward during 86th Annual Convention and National Seminar on Developments in Soil Sciences -2022 of the prestigious Indian Society of Soil Sciences ( ISSS) at MPKV, Rahuri ( Maharashtra ). It was presented by the secretary Sameer Pathare.

The topic of the presentation threw light on recent guidelines by GoI to include Biostimulants in FCO 1985, further scope of standardisation as well as innovation and the AIM Association’s proactive role in collective data generation for the benefit of small and medium entrepreneurs. Students were appraised of future opportunities in the field of Biostmulants.

The session was chaired by Dr. S.K. Chaudhary, DDG - Natural Resources Management, ICAR, New Delhi.