AIM Special Meeting held on 15.11.2018

Minutes of AIM Special Meeting held on 15.11.2018
A special meeting was organized in Pune on 15-11-2018 by AIM to discuss the present QC related issues particularly pertaining to non registered products and subsequent actions taken by the agriculture department in Maharashtra.

AIM President Mr.Rajkumar Dhurgude presided over the meeting and was attended by over 60 members along with GC Committee members Mr.Pradip Kothawade,Mr.Chandan Shah,Mr.Sameer Pathare,Mr.Ravindra Agarawal,Mr.Pravin Shinde,Mr.Sarjerao Shisode,Mr.Anil Hawal,Mr.Prakash Autade.
Secretary Mr. Sameer Pathare explained the current issues and informal the members about action taken by the agriculture department such as filing of FIR and sending Show Cause Notices to some members. He appealed to study the notice as per FCO clauses that are applied in the notice and send suitable reply through a lawyer as far as possible. He also emphasized the need of study of technical aspects of the products in contention with respect to their composition and manufacture.
Many members expressed their experience and gave their opinion and suggestions about present issues.
It was expressed to fight the issue on legal as well as technical grounds. It was also expressed that members should come forward and stop manufacture of certain products which may contravene any Act related to agriculture.
It was also debated that organic certified products should not be banned by the department as they are certified by the APEDA.
There was a general view that Central Government should be approached for adding certain products in FCO such as single nutrient chelates and some non registered products based on Humic acid , sea weed etc. it was also expressed that the import of certain nutrient based products can also be replaced by indigenous products mainly based on Zn and Ca etc
There was also a suggestion that additional crop/area wise mix micronutrient grades should be also allowed to be manufactured on the basis of recent amendments made in the manufacture of Water Soluble Fertilizers by maintaining certain nutrient ratio.
Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude in his speech guided the members about present issue and informed that AIM will soon put up a proposal to the state government for sale permission of non registered products based on available efficacy data and toxicology study data. He also informed that AIM will also approach the Agriculture Secretary and State Agriculture Minister soon for a concert solution to this issue.