Video Conference meeting on MSME Ecosystem in India

AIM Association was invited by AgroWon Editor Shri Adinath Chavan to join a Video Conference meeting on 2nd May,2020. The meeting topic was MSME Ecosystem in India: An Opportunity Amidst Crisis.

The meeting was Chaired by Hon’ble Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Shri. Nitin ji Gadkari and moderated by Shri. Abhijit ji Pawar, Chairman of AP Global (APG) and Managing Director Sakal Media Group. Also present were The Palladium Group and AP Global Group Team along with Industry Leaders and Association delegates -

Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude - President AIM Asso
Mr. Sameer Pathare - Secretary AIM Asso
Mrs. Sandeepa Kanitkar- CMD , Ken Biosys
Dr. Pramod Chaudhari- Chairman , Praj Ind
Mr. Prashant Girbane - DG, MCCIA
Mr. Aditya Bhartia- MD, Advik Hi Tech
Mr. Amit Pathoshi - National Lead, Palladium Grp

AIM had already submitted their inputs to the Hon’ble Minister regards to difficulties faced by Agro Industry stakeholders due to Covid-19 pandemic and important suggestions for post Covid-19 period for self reliance in Agro Industry to save foreign exchange.

AIM was given an opportunity to ask two questions to the Hon’ble Minister and AIM Secretary Sameer Pathare interacted with him by asking below two questions-

1) From the inception of the GST, MSME are requesting Central Govt to keep a flat tariff rate of GST -5 % for all Agricultural Inputs such as Fertilizers, Pesticides and other Plant Growth Promoter products ( PGP) . Presently it ranges from 0, 5,12, & 18%. Due to liquidity crunch in Agro Industry, it is difficult to pay GST on time and since it is not linked with e-way bill, MSME can not even buy or sell goods if GST is not paid. We request for 5% flat GST rate on all Agri inputs to ease the pressure and manage our business.

Hon’ble Minister said that he understood the issue and asked us to first write to the state and Central Finance Ministers and then he can take up the matter in New Delhi
through his Ministry.

2) In order to be self reliant in Agri Inputs and to minimise the import id fertilizers, Govt should set up facilities and know how to indigenously manufacture Water Soluble Fertilizers .

Hon’ble Minister said that one Israel
Company had come forward in the past but the matter was pending. He said if Industry comes forward then it can be thought off.

It was evident after interacting with him that the Hon’ble Minister was very much interested in developing and helping MSMEs , particularly Ago MSMEs.

AIM will follow the GST matter with concern Ministers of the State and Centre after the prevailing situation of Covid-19 gets better.