AIM GC’s first Zoom Meeting

AIM GC’s first Zoom Meeting was held yesterday to discuss the prevailing conditions arising due to spread of COVID-19 and it’s impact on Agro Industry. It was the best use of existing technology that enabled GC committee to meet by video conferencing and overcome the hurdle of the lockdown situation.

The issues such as factory operating difficulties, various permissions r enquires / available for the same, transportation and labour issues as well as financial burdens on SMEs arising due to taxation as well as salary and other statutory requirements were discussed at length.

The salient points discussed are as under -
It was observed that plants of most of the micro- nutrient / WSF manufactures are in partially operating conditions with necessary permission available from Agriculture Dept, Ministry of Home Affairs as well as various District level administrative authorities
It was decided to write a letter to the Central Govt as well as State Govt regards to the difficulties faced by the industry regards to the transportation of goods mainly the interstate transportation of various raw materials required for manufacture of fertilizers
It was observed that the agro centres are slowly beginning to open and soon the demand from the farmers will increase. Hence manufacture of agro inputs and it’s stock will be vital in coming days
It was observed that in big cities there can be restrictions on manpower movement and hence availability of labourers will be less
It was decided to look at manpower with humanity and not to terminate their services and arrange for their salaries as per availability of funds

The meeting ended on satisfactory note that it was for the first time that our industry was looked upon as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE/ COMMODITY and that has left every one proud and satisfied!

The meeting was attended by President Rajkumar Dhurgude along with Chandan Shah, Ravindra Agarwal, Sameer Pathare, Vaibhav Kashikar, Pradip Kothawade, SV Shisode, Prashant Shinde, Rajiv Chaudhary and Anil Hawal.