The 9th AGM of AIMA dated 20 July 2019 at Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune

The 9th AGM of Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association of India was held at Hotel Sheraton Grand ,Pune on 20.07.2019
The AGM was attended by well over 160 members from Maharashtra and other states . The meeting was presided over by President Shri Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil.Inthe opening speech , Vice President Mr. Pradip Kothawade welcomed all the members . He briefly informed members about previous year's achievements and also informed the day's proceedings to the members.
Secretary Mr. Sameer Pathare took overview of the tasks done in the year 2018-19 and also informed members about future plans of association in details.
He informed the members about future consequences due to latest circular obtained from the Hon Agriculture Commissioner dated 18.07.2019. He also explained in detail about the hon High Court order regards to "Biostadt " FIR case and also took consensus from the members to file Writ Petition in high court based on earlier or fresh cases of FIR against AIM members.
He also announced about association's plan to host PGP&P CONGRESS in Delhi in current financial year to showcase strength and unity of AIM members and also to bring non registered product industry on national map. Association has appointed Dr. Kalyan Goswami as CO-ORDINATOR & CONSULTANT in New Delhi to know latest developments about non registered and other Agro inputs on ministry level , he informed. He also announced formation of SINKING FUND of association and appealed members to contribute Rs- 25000/- per year. This money will be used for association's various activities related to FCO, CIB etc
Deputy Secretary Mr. Vaibhav Kashikar informed members about the possible threat coming from the MNCs through ICAR regulation in future and appealed the members to be on toes and vigilant. He asked them to gear up for the same.
President Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil felicitated Dr. Kalyan Goswami for his gracious presence. Dr. Goswami briefly interacted with the members and informed them about his future role.
Treasurer Shri Sarjerao Shisode successfully presented the budget for year 2018-19 which was unanimously approved by members . He also presented the provisional budget for 2019-20 which too was unanimously approved. Members also unanimously approved appointment of new Chartered Accountants - SHINDE, Chavan and Gandhi Company as auditor for 2019-20.
In his presidential speech, President Shri Rajkumar Dhurgude Patil assured members that AIM will always back true PGP products and ensure their sale in the state. He informed members in details about the Commissioner's recent circular dated 18.07.2019 and also the Biostadt case. He said that Biostadt misused the stay on the last GR for their own benefit and that might have cost them the FIR case .
He also informed the members that many WSF importers and repackaging companies have approached AIM and have taken the membership. They have requested him to also represent WSF matters in future through AIM. He also informed that association will try to meet Mr. Nitin Gadkari about issues faced by members if need arises. He appealed all members to contribute to the SINKING FUND as well as various schemes of association and also upgrade themselves with proper infrastructure to do good business in future .
In the Post lunch session, AIM felicitated Mr. Manohar Shete, AIM member and Executive Director of M & M Industries, Nashik for his outstanding contribution in export of organic and nutrient based agriculture inputs to more than 20 countries in the world. He is also a Global Organic Leader by IFOAM. Mr. Shete then made very useful and informative presentation on the Scope of export and availability of international market for organic inputs. He also aptly answered members queries after the session.
Mr. Prakash Autade delivered the closing speech to announce the end of 9 th AGM.