Plant Protector & Preventor Detail - Sun & Ocean


PH Reducer

'Biostab’ is PH reducer, Based on naturally occurring salts, stabilizer and buffers. Biostab reduce the PH of spraying water hence increases efficiency of agrochemicals.



Sticking & Dispersing Agent

‘Stickwett’ is an unique sticking and wetting agent to mix along with pesticides, micronutrients. It helps to stick and spread pesticides, fertilizer uniformly on leaves in all type of crops. It is very useful in rainy days.



Natural Fertilizer & Plant Protector

‘Silica’ is a natural plant protector & fertilizer product. Silica is useful in plant metabolism, increases leaves size and builds strong cells. It reduces water evaporation through leaves and protects plant in drought. It is useful in all type of crops but gives best result in rice, sugarcane & dicotyledon crop.



High Quality Spreader

‘Savemore’ is high technology based concentrated adhesive spreader. It regulates PH of spraying water. Savemore helps uniform spreading & sticking, easy absorption of pesticides & micronutrients on leaves. It reduces pesticides & micronutrients dose. It is safely used with pesticides and Micronutrients.