Welcome to Sun & Ocean

Meeting with Agriculture Commissioner

30/05/2023: Sun and Ocean Group chairman, Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude, was invited for a meeting with Dr. P.K. Singh, Honorable Agriculture Commissioner, at New Delhi, engaging in discussions on various topics for agri inputs industry. Click here for more details.

Conference On Supply Chain Management

26/05/2023: Sun and Ocean Group chairman, Mr. Rajkumar Dhurgude was invited to speak at the MCCIA Pune Conference on supply chain management, where he represented the agriculture supply chain. Click here to watch the video.

Welcome to Sun & Ocean

Sun and Ocean Group is primarily focused on manufacturing and distribution of quality agro inputs, established in the year 1998. We are endeavouring to empower Indian farmers by providing farmer-centric products and services. We have been working to supply quality agro-inputs to Indian farmers at affordable prices and educate them on the safe and efficient use of agro-inputs for more than two decades. The company's business activities include manufacturing and trading Bio & Organic Fertilizers, Micronutrients, 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers, Insecticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Biopesticides, and different types of Spray Pumps.

Sun & Ocean Group of Companies:-

Sun & Ocean Agro (India) Pvt.Ltd. Sun & Ocean Crop Science (India)
Sun & Ocean Bio-Tech (India)        Chhatrapati Agro Chemicals (India)
Sun & Ocean Bio-Care (India)

Situated on a sprawling 10-acre area, these companies specialize in the production of over 150 agro input products. Our diverse range includes insecticides, weedicides, fungicides, biostimulants, plant tonics, micronutrients, 100% water-soluble fertilizers, as well as bio and organic fertilizers. Notably, Sun & Ocean holds prestigious ISO certifications, namely ISO 9001-2000 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental safety.


Our Vision & Mission

Sun & Ocean Vision

At Sun and Ocean Group, our vision is to empower Indian farmers and drive rural development by providing best quality agro-inputs across the nation. With a focus on balanced agriculture, we strive to promote sustainable practices by offering a combination of organic, biological, and synthetic agro-inputs. Our goal is to achieve the optimal balance between survival and sustainability, ensuring the long-term viability of Indian agriculture.

Sun & Ocean Mission

At Sun and Ocean Group, our mission is to support Indian farmers and drive the sustainable development of rural communities through the provision of quality agro-inputs, farmer-centric initiatives, knowledge-sharing platforms, and empowering tools. Guided by the core values of honesty, quality, and prioritizing the benefit of Indian farmers, we differentiate ourselves by offering affordable products backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure and efficient operations.